The Latest Nook is New Version of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S2

SamsungSamsung has announced its Galaxy Tab S2 Nook in the participation with Noble and Barnes. As you already guessing that it seems just as Samsung also announced recently about Galaxy Tab S2 Jam-Packed with Nook applications. This new 8 inch tablet would be available at the stores of Barnes & Nobel at the price of 400 U.S dollars. But there is an interesting feature that if you have the membership of Barnes & Nobel, then you can get this tab at 10 percent discount rate. You can’t get more with the Tab S2 Nook variant, you can have three books for free by selecting 20 titles and can also get three magazines for free. Originally, it is the tablet for those people that are more frequently strolling around Barnes & Nobel stores when compare with Android tablets online.

SamsungThere is still a bad news that book seller moving away from its tablet hardware and this situation is becoming worse than the Galaxy S2 Tabs. It is an amazingly light weight and thin tablet having a bright quad HD screen, but its full review will be available very soon. The premium slot of Galaxy Tab S2 Nook has been filled by Barnes & Nobel. Last year, Samsung introduced Galaxy Tab 2 Nook; it was more budget friendly because its price was between 150-250 U.S dollars.

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