Latest LTE Modem MIMO of Samsung Supports Faster Data Transfer than Fiber

Latest LTE Modem MIMO of Samsung Supports Faster Data Transfer than FiberIf you have planned to buy Galaxy S9 next year, you will have a modem much faster than your fiber connection. Samsung has announced a carrier aggregation modem 6CA and it can manage download speed at more than 1.2 GBPS. It is faster enough to download a full-length HD movie in just 10 seconds. It has been considered at least 20% faster than its 5 carrier aggregation 1 GBPS 5CA modem, and the company had added its Exynos 8895 chips in the Galaxy S8. It shouldn’t be considered for the 5G network in the United States, it is just LTE Advance system but it is being developed in Europe and various other countries. The chips will allow mobile operators to grab multiple LTE frequencies in getting such speeds, such as 800MHz and 1.8GHz and a combination of both.

Samsung collaborated with a Japanese company Anritsu, in order to measure cell phone network speeds. Samsung has indicated that this new system has the ability to combine 6 frequencies instead of 5 and it would allow more reliable data transfers. It would support Multiple-input & Multiple-output Tech (4x4MIMO) to empower bandwidth after receiving strong signals. Other Tech is called Higher-order 256 QAM to empower data transfer. Theoretically, 1.2GBPS speed is excellent, but you will be lucky if you are in North America in getting a segment. It was analyzed in testing that most carriers are just aggregating 3 LTE channels efficiently and network overcrowding prevents the high speeds. Sprint has promised 4 carrier aggregations and currently achieved 330 Mbps on a single channel using MIMO tests with Samsung.

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