Latest 88-inch Display 4K QLED TV from Samsung at $20,000

Latest 88-inch Display 4K QLED TV from Samsung at $20,000TV has its own importance if you are alone or need entertainment for your children or if you need to keep in touch with latest news. You will find various models, designs and sizes when you need to buy one for your home. Now, Samsung has presented Q9 model. It is the most advanced model in the top-end QLED lineup of Samsung. This new model will be available with 88-inch display. It is the 4K model and considered the largest QLED display screen presented by Samsung. This model will be available at 20 thousand U.S dollars. It is almost the double price as compared to the 75-inch Q9F model of Samsung. The actual price of Q9F in the U.S was 9 thousand U.S dollars. The company already launched some cheapest models including 55-inch Q7 model at 2,500 U.S dollars.

Now, you can get advanced 88-inch Ultra HD with 3840×2160 resolutions, refresh rate 240 Hz, Bluetooth with Headset support, WiFi Direct, 4 HDMI inputs, Smart Remote and Smart Hub of Samsung, but unfortunately without Dolby Vision. The Q9 is extremely thin similar to other Q-series of Samsung. The Q9 has QLED, which is an entirely different technology. This new model is the latest-gen QLED of Samsung and it uses Quantum Dots mounted in the front of backlight panel of LED. Each of them can produce an individual shade from a palette of a billion colors. It makes QLED panels brighter than OLED because OLED sets have more blacks. The company has indicated that its QLED sets can manage 100% of the DCI-P3 HDR color space, but OLED sets are unable to do it.

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