KEY-one of BlackBerry will hit on 31st May at Best Buy and Amazon

KEY-one of BlackBerry will hit on 31st May at Best Buy and AmazonTCL and BlackBerry have teased the KEY-one for at least half a year. Now Americans are able to see the final release without jumping through basketball. Both parties have announced that unlocked, U.S-friendly deviations of the Android-powered BlackBerry. It will be available at both Best Buy and Amazon on 31st May 2017. You just need to spend 550 U.S dollars in order to get the phone in either a GSM-tuned version for T-Mobile and AT&T or a CDMA model optimized for Verizon after buying from Amazon. It has been assumed that supposed price is too much. Sprint and other carriers might plan to offer the KEY-one this summer.

It was previously explained in review that you may like the KEY-one bring down to one question, how much do you need a physical keyboard? It is an excellent phone with perfect manufacturing quality, best camera, excellent touches such as a keyboard with double track-pad and extraordinary battery life. But, you will still want to like the notion of pecking on plastic rather than the traditional virtual keys. It is for those people who still miss their old-school BlackBerry phones and it would be great for them. But, it might be a niche device for most other people.

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