iPhone is now going Red

red-iphone-8Apple has recently announced its new generation and it is iPhone 8 and 8-plus in special red color. This special edition of iPhone 8 and 8-plus is in the stunning red finish with a special glass finish in red and a sleek black front with the aluminum band. This special edition (product) red is now available online. Apple also has launched a new (product) red iPhone X leather cover, which is also available online. This cover is made from specially tanned with perfect finish European leather that gives it a perfect luxurious look.  The very special thing done by Apple on this edition is that a portion for all the red product purchases will directly go to Global Fund HIV/AIDS that grants testing, treatment, prevention, and counseling programs. It will be specifically focused on removing transmission of the virus from mothers to their offspring.

Apple has also donated a significant amount over 160 million U.S dollars to the Global Funds and served as the largest donor organization. Purchasing this red product will provide a chance to help AIDS/HIV infected people. It is really an improved version with all those specs we would love to have in an iPhone, including a beautiful display ever with retina HD with the most powerful and smartest chip ever in smart-phones with A11 Bionic and most advanced camera for amazing and unbelievable photographs and video recordings. This edition is really amazing and much different product. Meanwhile, this product doesn’t have any functional difference from iPhone8s except that you are contributing to people fighting against AID/HIV.

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