iPhone 8 will have Fingerprint Sensor at a Surprising Location: Weibo Leak

iPhone 8 will have Fingerprint Sensor at a Surprising Location: Weibo LeakA number of iPhone 8 rumors appeared over the weekend mentioning about wireless charging and new color options. There was a video showing a hands-on preview dummy unit of an iPhone 8. There was a questionable rumor from Asia that purportedly announced some interesting features regarding the iPhone 8, including the name of phone and a surprising location for the fingerprint sensor. We may refer to hottest iPhone of 2017 from Apple as the iPhone 8, but it apparently not represents the official name of the phone. iPhone Plus is not as we can expect Apple to call it due to the company has already used the “Plus” for the 5.5-inch iPhone. It might be a reason that why the Weibo leak rumor is questionable.

There is another reason why this rumor isn’t essentially sound perfect. This leak has indicated that the iPhone 8 will be presented with wireless charging support in the box. But, a well-connected Apple blogger, John Gruber has indicated that wireless charging will not be available in time at the initial launch of iPhone 8. Gruber indicated that the introductory charging accessory will be available separately and the feature will be used after arrival of iOS 11.1. The Weibo leak also offered some other details that most people already heard from other channels or sources. It also mentioned that iPhone 8 will be presented in various colors, including a specific color similar to the original iPhone. The lead said that the iPhone will be presented in 64GB or 256GB versions.

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