iPhone 6 – Track Anything You Want

iPhone 6 – Track Anything You WantConsidering the desperation of the people about the shipment and delivery of their iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, Apple introduced record number of pre order that is letting all the people to track the location of their naïve iPhone. Using this record number all of the soon to be iOS 8 users are frequently checking the status of their iPhone 6 including locations. But you can take your obsession to a next step forward and in this case the FlightAware (the air craft tracking service) is helping you. Once you will get your UPS tracking number then using that number you will get to know about the exact and accurate position of your iPhone 6 to increase your excitement.

It will let you know about your precious parcel that what actually it is going through and what the flight status is, it is in a fueling station or arrived at the distribution center. The service also indicates you that now you do not have to wait for long any more just cross your figure and let the door bell ring and get your brand new classy iPhone 6 that is especially designed and packed for you.

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