iOS Mobile Traffic Sees Slight Increase After iPhone 6 Launch

Apple iOSIOS mobile traffic has increased with the launch of IPhone 6 in the US market, the android traffic has dipped. The Apple Iphone 6 gave a small shot in the arm to Apple’s mobile web traffic in the US after the Smartphone hit the market in the mid September. According to survey, the traffic of IOS has increased from 60% to 61.4 percent during the nine weeks following the Phone’s launch, and the traffic of android has decreased from 38.4 to 37.5 % over the same time period and this is the question mark on the Android phone technology and this is always a sense of competition among the Android and IOS, and this scenario is going in favor of the IOS technology. If we look at the previous history, then we will find out that Android held the market and upper hand among the consumers craving big screens smart phones. Android is still known to be the leader in the market hardware, based on data from such research firms as Comscore and Kantar Worldpanel Comtech. IOS has significantly held a lead over android in the US web based traffic, and even before the launch of the Iphone 6. Therefore, there should be some reason, why Apple is picking the growth in the market and becoming a leader in the mobile phone industry, and that’s the reason, Mobile phone industry has been offering the new adventures to the customers, new features and new products, which will help the customers to ensure the best parts of the services. In a research report released by the Munster on Friday cited the few reasons, which also includes the popularity of the IPad, and it believes that why IOS is leading in the market. Kantar Research estimates that IPhone share is 33%. Moreover analysts believe that IOS are more likely to be engaged with their phones on the daily basis.

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