The iOS 11 Control Center is Misleading users Regarding Bluetooth & Wi-Fi

The iOS 11 Control Center is Misleading users Regarding Bluetooth & Wi-FiThe iOS 11 brought much pretty array of enhanced reality tricks. But, there is one feature seems less real in the new operating system regarding the user controls for wireless connectivity. Motherboard has indicated that the Control Center app of iOS 11 swipes up from the bottom of the screen gives the appearance and it allow users to turn OFF Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on their phone. But, it just disconnects users from wireless networks and accessories. In reality, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chips in the phone remain powered ON. So, users should go to the Settings app in iOS 11, it will still offer the actual options for users to turn OFF both connectivity services from their phone. The design option was formerly noticed by security researcher Andrea Barisani. It shows a bad UI design due to a number of reasons.

One of the other major reasons is that it is misleading users into believing they had turned OFF their Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, but both connectivity services were still ON. Motherboard also said that Apple has decided that Control Panel is unable to entirely disable these features of devices due to it needs services such as Apple Pencil, Apple watch, AirPlay, AirDrop, Location Services, and some other features to remain functional. It might cause a false sense of security if user believes the devices don’t have wireless features ON because wireless connections are being considered the only way to break into a mobile device without getting physical access to it. It shouldn’t be considered an apocalyptic bug, users should remember to check Settings menu of their iOS 11 device instead of the less time-intensive Control Center app for much better security.

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