Hyper-Fast 3D Drive for Servers from Intel

Hyper-Fast 3D Drive for Servers from IntelIntel has recently announced that the company is manufacturing a stand-alone drive, based on its enormously fast 3D storage technology, but most people weren’t interested to pick one. Now, the chip manufacturer has announced the “Optane SSD DC P4800X”. A drive especially designed for the PCI Express or NVMe slots in Servers. It has just 375GB of space, but its remarkably less latency (estimated at 1010µs) and throughput at 2GB/sec. it has the ability to serve either a memory card cache or storage. If you are interested in high-performance computing for online shopping or various different categories dominated with bags of RAM and fast turnaround times. It might be your dream device.

Intel also promised for its higher strength and durability compared to your traditional SSD. The introductory model of “Optane” can withstand stresses generally linked with RAM and writing at 12.3 Petabytes of data in its lifespan. Currently, if you are a part of shipping program of Intel, then you will be able to get the drive. The Company has promised for a larger amount of capacities at 750GB and 1.5TB. But, the company is not going to drop any of them into your gaming platform in the near future. The estimated price for the version of 375GB drive is estimated at 1,520 U.S dollars, and you may buy one realistically for your home use. You will then be able to have more value out of a high-capacity traditional SSD. It is important that Optane will not be feasible for mainstream PCs until prices fall significantly.

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