Headphones of Jabra will be recommended by Physicians to monitor fitness

Jabra HeadphonesJabra has declared that its recently announced “Sport Pulse” wireless headphones has become a part of HIPPA-compliant 360 Health Program of Trainer-MD. The new scenario indicated that audio accessory will be approved by a trainer or a physician in order to help their patients regarding their fitness & nutrition. Jabra also said that it is the first time a wearable device has been manufactured and available as a part of recommendation for a healthy program in order to fight against diabetes and cancer. The headphone pack of Sport Pulse of Jabra will be used for in-ear heart rate tracking and fitness testing by monitoring VO2 Max levels.

Received data will be flooded to the dashboard of Trainer-MD, then doctors, trainers and nurses will be able to get real-time pulse notifications, pace and burned calories. These stats will be used by medical professionals to provide their latest recommendations. It is important that 360 Health Program of Trainer-MD is currently in pre-enrollment, but it is expected that it will be launched on this fall. A couple of days ago, the company announced the latest version of Sport Pulse headphones. This latest model has feature of VO2 Max monitoring on top of pulse tracking. This addition has been considered a key feature compared to previous release of the company. This new feature of VO2 Max levels is using Sport Life app of Jabra in order to keep tabs on aerobic fitness.

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