HDR Camera of Sony for Self-Driving Vehicles to see in Much Darker Conditions

HDR Camera of Sony for Self-Driving Vehicles to see in Much Darker ConditionsTesla recently announced that video cameras have their own importance as LiDAR and radar in tracking road signs, pedestrians and other vehicles for self-driving cars. Whereas most cameras are unable to handle severe lighting situations such as in a very dark condition, flashing LEDs or sudden entrance into a tunnel. Now, Sony has presented its advanced automotive camera sensor. This latest camera has high sensitivity, anti-flicker tech and HDR capability. It has been considered one of the first specifically designed in providing help to self-governing vehicles function in less ideal conditions. It is important that tunnels are specifically severe on entry & exit due to the massive differences in lighting. A RED camera has shown efficient HDR functions for handling it in a demo.

Sony mentioned in a video that a non-HDR camera was unable to see but just white after encountering light at the edge of a bright tunnel. The new advanced sensor has ability to easily adjust the sudden light change and spots a flashing LED light. Some important features of the 2.45 megapixel sensor include light sensitivity down to 0.1 lux. It provides a significant amount of help to a vehicle in observing road signs or pedestrians clearly in a full-moon night without its own lights. It has 120dB HDR sensitivity in order to handle urban night and tunnels driving. It can reduce flickering with a function working in parallel with HDR using a much longer exposure time. Sony has confirmed that this advanced device efficient for automotive reliability & safety standards.

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