Green Data Centers will be Powered with Hydrogen by Daimler and HPE

Green Data Centers will be Powered with Hydrogen by Daimler and HPEIt is a general concept that hydrogen fuel cells have mainly been used to power vehicles, but they might find another use very soon as now the server farms are powering your internet services. Daimler, HPE, Power Innovations and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory have planned to expand its fuel cell use inside data centers called “Micro-grids”. Solar and Wind Power have the ability in providing the bulk of energy, but fuel cells will be used to fill the gap after highly-increasing demand of energy or as an alternate power source. Most of these companies will not remain quite about diesel generators or other unfriendly environment backups to fulfill with demand.

This tech doesn’t have a limit as compared to battery backups; the fuel cell can keep running as long as the availability of hydrogen. The project is expected to start on prototypes during the current year. So, it is very clear that it will take a considerable amount of time before you see this tech in the field. It is important that HPE is currently working with its partners to combine fuel cells into its existing IT systems. It might go a long way toward entirely green data centers after the completion. It provides viable future to fuel cells even if the automotive industry completely moves to electric vehicles. It might not adopt major and massive mainstream usages on the road, but it will offer a significant amount of backup for your favorite social network running after experiencing total blackout to your server.

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