Google’s Project Fi provides perfect data plan for poor men

Project Fi of GoogleThe easiest pay-as-you-use data plan of Google’s Project Fi has improved the reputation anywhere. But, it shouldn’t be considered good for all. The international usage plan of Project Fi doesn’t need an extra-amount of charges for international data and it is same as domestic. The plan is now getting a little more omnipresent and it is starting today. At least 135 countries were being covered by the Project Fi’s international plan and now it is covering 170 countries. Google has an advanced and latest feature in helping you work out what you will be paying while you are traveling. The Project Fi has now added some more countries, including Morocco, Tunisia, Guam, Sierra Leone, and Nigeria. The customers will pay 10 U.S dollars per GB of data when dealing stateside. It includes calling and texting for 20 U.S dollars per month.

The new Bill Protection feature of Project Fi has been considered a perfect unlimited data plan for a poor man. It restricts your data bill at 60 U.S dollars per month despite your data usage. The personal data trove is being used with Project Fi for the first time by Google. The company will get information regarding upcoming trips, scraped from your emails. It will send you a notification (before you travel) regarding how much your data will cost when you are out of town. Project Fi will now let you know whether you’re covered on your next trip based on your upcoming international flights from Gmail. You’ll receive a notification in your Project Fi app shortly before your trip. It will enable you to easily find your coverage options and costs. These notifications can be turned off in your account settings, but these are enabled by default.

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