Google lost its 2nd Place as Baidu takes over in the Smart Speaker Market

Google lost its 2nd Place as Baidu takes over in the Smart Speaker MarketGoogle maintained the title of 2nd largest smart speaker manufacturer in the world. A market research firm Canalys has published a new report and it indicates Chinese company Baidu now holds this title. The company grew in the past and defeated Google in a powerful 2nd quarter. It expanded smart speaker shipments by 3,700% year over year. The achievement is more impressive because a year ago, Baidu was efficiently a non-entity in the space with shipments of just 0.1 million units. A dreadful performance from Google also helped Baidu. The company shipped 4.3 million Home and Nest-branded devices in the 2nd quarter of the current year. It was down from the same period during last year’s 5.4 million. The decline in shipments represents a 19.8% year on year decline for Google.

It is noteworthy that the 5 major companies were included in this report, as Google shipped fewer speakers than it did during last year. The next worst player on the list is Xiaomi and it affirms how poorly the search giant did during the past quarter. Xiaomi also increased shipments of its smart speakers by 37.5% year over year. Google’s footprint shrunk at a time when worldwide smart speaker shipments grew by 55.4%. Point to be noted that Amazon shipped 6.6 million Echo devices during the same time period.

 Now, Canalys indicates recent Nest rebranding of Google. The company just brought some of its smart speaker products under the Nest platform and it was considered one of the major reasons for the downturn. Google employees have trouble properly identifying the different smart speakers of the company as the rebranding hasn’t worked out efficiently. Canalys also suggests Google wants to refurbish its non-smart display products to keep up with Amazon. The number one player in the space has done an amazing work after updating its lineup. Google, on the other hand, hasn’t updated the Home Mini in almost 2 years. The company is aware of its recent missteps and working to correct course.

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