Google has stopped making more Tablets and focusing on Laptops

Google has stopped making more Tablets and focusing on LaptopsGoogle is no longer planning in making any tablet hardware going forward. The company will put all its resources behind laptops in the future. Most of us heard that Google confirmed plans for new Chrome tablets and laptops, earlier this year. Now, ComputerWorld reported that the tech giant has reversed its plans for tablets in lieu of Chrome laptops. Google’s in-house hardware team was working on both laptops and tablets, but they have now focused on shifting entirely towards laptops. It clearly indicates the lost of entire hopes for a Pixel Slate 2, but support for the existing Pixel Slate will continue.

People looking to get new hardware from Google with bigger screens than the Pixel phones will move to the Pixelbook line. The shift in focus toward laptops points out that there is at least more certainty we’ll be seeing a Pixelbook 2 at some stage. The original Pixelbook was already an incredible machine with an excellent keyboard, an amazing design and the best of both Android and Chrome OS. The Pixelbook 2 will make substantial enhancements on the design. The Pixel Slate had some things going for it, but it’s not nearly the masterpiece as compared to the Pixelbook. The separate pricing of the keyboard cover and stylus don’t help it along.

The SVP of Devices & Services at Google and Board member Rick Osterloh also tweeted and confirmed about the latest move. Google reiterated that it’ll be supporting the Pixel Slate for years to come and the device is still on sale. The increasing focus on Pixelbook models will show a positive result of this decision. It is noteworthy that a Chrome OS device has to offer if it doesn’t include a keyboard. All of the best Chromebooks have built on keyboards, whether they’re 2-in-1 devices with a tablet mode or more traditional laptops.

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