Google and Dell Teamed Up to present Enterprise-Friendly Chrome-books

Google and Dell Teamed Up to present Enterprise-Friendly Chrome-booksGoogle and Dell have teamed up to create 2-in-1 devices and enterprise-oriented laptops running the Chrome OS of the search giant. It is considered first push from Google getting its Chrome-books into use at large enterprises. Their operating system will encounter Windows in these developments. It will provide a suite of tools to companies in making Chrome operating simpler to extract and manage. The cloud-heavy operating system will offer an opportunity for telecoms to work with Google and hardware partners in order to enable efficient connectivity. Dell has planned to sell a set of new Chrome-books for enterprise support and management tools. Google will prompt corporate customers to start or engage with the cloud-based services of Google.

Dell and Google are adding more advanced administration tools to the operating system. It will enable Dell Chrome-books to manage using tools such as Workspace One of VMware. Companies can mention which apps (publicly available or privately developed) are added by default in a laptop. It will automatically distribute updates of the operating system. They can also add tools for more efficiently enable connection to cloud-based virtual Windows systems. Google is also looking to work with other major tech OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) without Dell to extend the development of Chrome-books at the enterprise level.

It is noteworthy that Chrome-books are basically designed to integrate with and rely heavily upon the services of Google. This will increase adoption of the devices and it could boost the bottom line of the company. It clearly indicates signs of new or expanded deals for cloud-based services with Chrome-book customers. The potential growth of Google’s connectivity-reliant Chrome-books as a legitimate choice for enterprise-scale deployment could present an opportunity for telecoms to work with Google and OEMs. Dell and Google will offer an option to configure the initial batch of enterprise Chrome-books with LTE. The built-in LTE and 5G connections are more important for Chrome-books.

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