Get up to $580 Discount on Alienware M15 Gaming Laptops from Dell Store

Get up to $580 Discount on Alienware M15 Gaming Laptops from Dell StoreIf you are looking for a new gaming laptop with powerful hardware, a significant amount of discount could help to make easier to choose. You can find a number of gaming laptops under 1,000 U.S dollars. The Alienware M15 incredibly fits among them. The Alienware M15 is a thin-and-light gaming laptop. It is a high-power machine and cheapest to its most expensive configuration. The most affordable configuration still packs a beefy Intel Core i7-8750H CPU with 8GB of RAM, 1TB of hybrid storage and, an Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB GPU. All that powers the gaming experience, which will be buttery smooth thanks to the combination of that internal hardware and a Full HD, IPS display running at a 144Hz refresh rate. The display is also bright at 300 nits, and an anti-glare finish offers an amazing look.

All that power is packed into a portable form factor. It isn’t the lightest laptop at 4.78 pounds, but the m15 is still backpacked friendly for a gaming laptop. It is just 21mm thick, whether your focus is on gaming or productivity, the Alienware M15 becomes a strong option. It is due to all of its powerful internals and discounted price. It also has no shortage of inputs, with ample USB ports, Gigabit Ethernet, and even Thunderbolt 3. The cheapest model begins at 999 U.S dollars after a discount of 480 U.S dollars. But, the higher-end models can experience that discount rise up to 580 U.S dollars. It is noteworthy that configurations can go as high as Nvidia RTX 2080 graphics and even include 4K OLED panels. Moreover, this is an Alienware laptop with current parts. Dell has released an all-new version of the laptop with an entirely fresh design and it starts at 1,499 U.S dollars. So, people looking for a perfect gaming laptop should get an experience of the Alienware M15.

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