Get the New Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 on August 7, 2019

Get the New Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 on August 7, 2019Samsung announced the launch of Galaxy Note 10 handsets on August 7, 2019. Most people were expecting that the company will also launch a new tablet as a successor to the Galaxy Tab S4. The new expected Tab from the company was called Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, instead of Galaxy Tab S5. It is because Samsung already launched the Galaxy Tab S5e. it was a budget version of its tablet line.

Most Samsung fans were expecting to get the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 alongside the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Watch Active 2. All the above tech versions were expected to launch on August 7, 2019. It is expected that these devices will be available to purchase in the weeks following the launch event. It is noteworthy that sometimes tablets take a little longer to become available.

The company hasn’t yet announced the price; however, some of the leaks have indicated that this device could be far more premium than Samsung’s other devices. Most people were expecting the Galaxy Tab S4’s initial price at $650 to be trumped a bit by the Tab S6 price. Considering the iPad Pro 11 hits a 4-figure amount for some variants. Some leaks have indicated the device will have 2-rear cameras as it is very rare in the tablet because these devices aren’t used for photography. It could have an ultra-wide or telephoto lens for wide-angle or zoomed pictures respectively.

There will supposedly be a groove at the back of the slate to easily dock the S Pen. It’s expected the S Pen would wirelessly charge when put into that groove. One leak says the Galaxy Tab S6 will use the most recent premium Qualcomm chipset, the Snapdragon 855 to provide a hefty amount of processing power. It is noteworthy that the Galaxy Tab S4 was launched with the Snapdragon 835 chipset. It wasn’t the best processor out at the time because it was a little bit slow.

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