Get Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in Just $850

Galaxy-Note-7-1-635x357Pre-orders have been started in the United States for the Galaxy Note 7. It has confirmed that you will pay only a little amount for pen-toting flagship phone of Samsung. The T-Mobile and Sprint would the best deal among various major carriers, and here you will find the Note 7 at 850 U.S dollars. You can also find installment plans, 33 U.S dollars/month with 70 U.S dollars down payment from T-Mobile and 35 U.S dollars/month for two years from Sprint. You can buy Note 7 at a price of 880 U.S dollars or their installment plan of two years at 37 U.S dollars/month. You can also avail offers to buy Note 7 at 864 U.S dollars or 36 U.S dollars/month for 2 years from Verizon.

You can also get a compensation package for early ordering. Due to their plans, these carriers are offering a 256GB Micro-SD-Card or a free Gear Fit 2 for the submission of your pre-order. AT&T has also offered a free Gear S2 or in just 99-cent Galaxy Tab E. If you have a second device and needs to subscribe a data plan then you will find a promo, and after qualifying to buy a second device, you will get it in just 695 U.S dollars. You can avail the offer of T-Mobile if TV shows are important than storage and it is offering Netflix for one year as your freebie.

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