Get new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G on 7th August at $1,450

Get new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G on 7th August at $1,450Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip launch isn’t too far because the company has officially announced the launching date for its new device. The device packs the next-generation network support the original missed out on. The new device features Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 Plus chipset. The new foldable smartphone will be available at $1,450. Galaxy Z Flip 5G remedies that by using the Snapdragon 865 Plus chipset instead. It makes this new model at least marginally faster than the S20s. Samsung hasn’t confirmed if it will continue to sell the original Z Flip alongside the 5G model. It is noteworthy that AT&T and T-Mobile will be selling the phone starting on 7th August 2020.

It clearly indicates Samsung is focused on getting the Z Flip 5G into the hands of customers connecting to more widely available sub-6 5G networks. Point to be noted that the Snapdragon 865+ actually plays nice with both kinds of 5G networks, so it seems the only things stopping a new Z Flip from showing up on Verizon store shelves are some handshakes and signed agreements. The major physical difference between the original versions and these new models are their colors. The Z Flip 5G comes in Mystic Gray and the same Mystic Bronze we’ve seen in all those Galaxy Note 20 leaks. These new Z Flips pack updated software features, like a new Multi-window panel to launch 2 apps on top of each other.

It has the ability to run YouTube in Flex Mode. A bevy of pre-launch leaks indicates the Z Flip 5G’s existence wasn’t much of a secret. Point to be noted that it seems unusual for the company to be talking about its foldable plans right now, with unpacked set to unfold in a web browser near you in just a few weeks. But, today’s announcement may have just made Samsung’s unpacked agenda more obvious. The President and head of Samsung mobile, Tae-moon Roh wrote in a recent blog post that the company has planned to announce 5 new power devices during the streamed event. The current list of leaks points about the expected launch for Galaxy Notes, new Galaxy Watch, new Galaxy Tab, and some bean-shaped earbuds.

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