Get 5G Lenovo Laptops with All-day Battery Lives in December

Get 5G Lenovo Laptops with All-day Battery Lives in DecemberLenovo has announced 5G connected laptops with all-day battery lives during the last quarter of the current year or maybe in December 2019. 91 mobiles confirmed that the Chinese giant is working on bringing the next-gen 5G technology to its devices. These laptops can connect to super-fast 5G mobile networks could be a real game-changer. An unnamed Lenovo employee said the launch timeframe of such laptops. He also said the brand is expecting to announce them as soon as December this year. The company is also working closely with Intel and Qualcomm to produce laptops with all-day battery life.

It means we could see Lenovo laptops included in Intel’s Project Athena. It is designed to make Windows 10 laptops faster, thinner and with day-long battery lives. Moreover, Qualcomm has been partnering with laptop makers to produce machines running on its Snapdragon platform. It will bring some of the best features of smartphones, including instant boot and always-connected mobile internet. 5G will bring much faster download speeds and lower latency. Lenovo laptops with built-in 5G connectivity could access the internet and make use of cloud streaming services much faster.

It is noteworthy that Lenovo is working with both Intel and Qualcomm to introduce ultra-portables with all-day battery life. Laptop makers such as Lenovo are looking at ways to bring all-day battery lives to their laptops. People will soon experience PCs take advantage of 5G, so the report isn’t beyond the realms of possibility. Intel recently announced Project Athena which is aimed to ensure that the Windows-based rigs are faster, feature SSDs and promise long battery life. Qualcomm also mentioned the term always-on, always-connected PCs with introducing Snapdragon 835 and 850 processors to power laptops.

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