Galaxy S8 of Samsung will be launched on 21st April 2017

Galaxy S8 of Samsung will be launched on 21st April 2017Samsung has announced that the final version of new official Galaxy S8 handset will be available in five colors options including Black, Midnight, Arctic Blue and Orchid Gray. Most people are looking for its launching date and its expected price. The Company has recently declared that it will be launched officially on 21st April 2017. The new version of Samsung Galaxy S8 will be available at various major carriers including AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon Wireless and U.S Cellular. It will also available at some low-cost options such as Straight Talk Wireless and Cricket Wireless, and all the above mentioned carriers will start selling the new Galaxy S8 device on the same day. You can pre-order for the Galaxy S8 handset and you will be able to get some other benefits after pre-ordering of Galaxy S8 of Samsung.

The most amazing feature of pre-ordering is that you will be able to get a Gear VR headset and controller free of cost after. If you purchase S8 handset on a regular way on or after 21st April 2017, you might get the limited-edition premium bundles. It will give you a pair of AKG tuned earphones and a memory card of 256GB storage capacity. It is important that the new version of Galaxy S8 has Bluetooth 5.0 and you don’t have to wait for long due to it is just less than a month away. Samsung earlier posted the specs of its latest version of Galaxy S8 line, but didn’t mention that the new smart-phone will use the bleeding edge wireless standard. Bluetooth 5.0 will offer up to twice the speed with 4 times the range as compared to the Bluetooth 4.2.

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