Galaxy Note 8 Special Edition Designed by Samsung for 2018 Winter Olympics

Galaxy Note 8 Special Edition Designed by Samsung for 2018 Winter OlympicsA new and charming Galaxy Note 8 has announced by Samsung, you may never experience such look into your hands. A limited edition version has designed by a Korean based company of its extraordinary phone for the participants of 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics. It is presented with a sparkling white glass at the back side in order to represent snow and wintertime. It’s dressed up with a golden Olympics logo and similarly gold strokes as motivated by the Olympics torch. Its inside is much similar to Galaxy Note 8 already owned by most Galaxy Note book lovers except the pre-loaded themed wallpaper of PyeongChang Olympics.

It is expected that Samsung will supply 4,000 to participating athletes and staff members prior to begin Olympic Games, probably during the first week of February. All athletes participating in the Paralympic Winter Games will also be able to collect cases for their new phones presenting the logo of Paralympic Games. Point to be noted that Samsung has been an Olympic partner for decades and presenting a special edition for the event is a part of the deal. The upcoming Olympic event has its own importance for the company due to the event is being conducted in its home country. But, this special edition will only be available to athletes and staff of Olympics Games. Samsung presented its Galaxy S7 Edge as the 2016 Olympics edition to the public.

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