Galaxy Fit and Fit E Fitness Trackers with new features from Samsung

Galaxy Fit and Fit E Fitness Trackers Samsung has already offered fitness trackers and moving perfectly on its advancement. Now, the company has decided to present the new Samsung Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit E. It will provide some new features to your wrist and help in staying healthy. Both models seem quite similar to the Samsung Gear Fit 2. But the company includes some new key features and specs in its new models. The new Gear Fit is just 23g, which means it’ll be pretty comfortable to wear.

The Gear Fit E is even lighter at 14g with a smaller screen and a smaller battery to help it hit that air-like level. The Galaxy Fit and Fit E are water resistant and can track your steps and heart rate on the go, like the newly-announced Galaxy Watch Active. There’s a slim Super AMOLED screen so you can swipe through on the Gear Fit. It comes in at 0.95-inches and has a resolution of 120 x 240.

The Fit E has a PMOLED (Passive Matrix OLED) 0.74-inch screen. It has smaller and lower-res at 64 x 128, but has a more impressive battery life. Both use ‘Real-time OS’ from Samsung, instead of Tizen. The Galaxy Fit offers a gyroscope, which the Fit E lacks, which will limit its tracking. Sleep tracking and stress management are on board. The former simply analyze your sleep and the stress management tool is useful.

The Galaxy Fit E can track 6 different exercises automatically, but it is useful if you are someone who likes to cycle and run around a bit but hates swiping at your wrist to get going. People will also be able to manually add in exercises so they can put all their efforts into the Samsung Health app. The Samsung Galaxy Fit will last at least a week on a single charge and we expect the same for the Fit E. The battery is 70mAh compared to the larger 120mAh of the Fit. The Galaxy Fit release date has been set for May 21, 2019.

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