Free Preview of the Quantum Development Kit Announced by Microsoft

Free Preview of the Quantum Development Kit Announced by MicrosoftA free preview of Quantum Development Kit has been announced by Microsoft. This tool will allow programmers to start coding for quantum computers. Quantum computers have been considered to significantly expand the available computational power. It allows humans to solve issues that might take longer than the assumed age of the universe on traditional computers. Quantum computers are considered to boost up the artificial intelligence capabilities. It would also improve cyber-security and efficient in more complicated language processing. Quantum computing can be useful in tackling some of the critical problems, including world hunger and climate change. If you are interested in it, you can download the kit from official website of Microsoft. The offered kit has 3 major components, including Q Sharp (fully integrated programming language Q#), quantum algorithms to test local and cloud changing environments, and libraries of quantum samples (tutorials and building blocks). Microsoft has indicated it the most reliable high-level programming language perfect for quantum computers.

The Q Sharp (Q#) programming language has been built from scratch to exactly work for quantum computers. It has a native type system and each program written with debugging support in Q# can be tested on a simulation work place on a local machine. Microsoft has offered a cloud-based simulation environment in Azure. It helps in optimizing the code in getting an idea about essential resources types in order to execute the solution. The GitHub has offered written libraries in Q# with the essential documentation. The Quantum Development Kit is intensely integrated with Visual Studio and Microsoft’s suite of developer tools. It is important that programmers can start coding for quantum computers in a traditional environment. The Quantum Development Kit has been considered a part of the plan in building a complete Quantum Computer System by the Microsoft.

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