The Frame TV of Samsung is a Piece of Art

The Frame TV of Samsung is a Piece of ArtSamsung has hooked its 2017 TV lineup to the Moon back, but the company still has a plenty of astonishments. The Company has announced more details regarding its formerly-teased “The Frame”. It is a TV especially designed to double as a picture frame. You can switch on an “Art Mode” and it would show more than 100 art pieces you are not efficiently using it, but it can be a part of your home décor. It means to hang your TV on the wall because it is using new gapless wall mount and invisible connection for Samsung TV. You can select your perfect match according to the look of your living room. If you don’t have an extra place to mount it on the wall, you will have an optional Studio Stand for it.

The Company is hopeful about public attraction due to specs and pricing for “The Frame” of Samsung. It might be available in this spring. So, it would be much better option if you need to buy one of the QLED sets of Samsung. The Company also indicated that the latest-generation quantum dot TVs are now available. The starting price is 2,800 U.S dollars, but the price of 55-inch Q7 is much higher than announced in the month of February 2017. The price of 75-inch Q8 was announced at 6,800 U.S dollars, but there is not anything to be disclosed for Q9. The major focus of the company is on raw image quality. Point to be noted that metal quantum dots ensure a wider range of color aside from brightness level.

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