Foxconn and RED will manufacture smaller & cheaper 8K cameras

8K cameras of Foxconn and REDNikkei reported that Foxconn and RED (a cinema company) have decided to make a combined move and build smaller and cheaper 8K cameras. The CEO of the company, Terry Gou informed reporters that they will manufacture cameras having professional features to shoot films with 8K resolution. These new cameras will be offered at only a third of current prices as well as a third of current camera sizes. RED currently has various 8K models, such as Epic-W 8K at 30,000 U.S dollars. It clearly indicates that Foxconn may imaginably manufacture an 8K camera at an estimated cost 10,000 U.S dollars and its weight will not be more than one pound. It has been considered a part of massive efforts by Foxconn in jumping out from smart-phone because its market has become inactive and motionless.

Point to be noted that Foxconn currently depends on Apple for over 50% of its sales regarding manufacturing iPhones, MacBooks, and various other products. The company has planned to extraordinarily boost up its production of displays, so more than 10 billion U.S dollars have been allocated for investment in the United States. Gou further added that the company recently purchased Sharp not just for enhancing displays. Sharp efficiently handles important chip technologies for a number of image sensors that are being used in digital cameras and television. A prospectus has indicated that its major clients already include Apple, Dell, Lenovo, HP, Cisco, and Amazon. It is important that the new laws binding foreign companies to host Chinese user data locally.

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