Fix Damaged Screen of your Smart-Phone at just $29 from Verizon

Fix Damaged Screen of your Smart-Phone at just $29 from VerizonYou need to be more careful in dropping it down, when you buy a new mobile phone. A damaged and cracked screens incident often happens daily. Some major carriers and mobile manufacturers have a separate section for replacing a damaged screen. A report published on Phandroid has indicated that Verizon has recently included the repair type in its mobile insurance plans with an acceptable $30 deductible. It is $20 down from its previous amount of $50. The Total Mobile Protection Plan of Verizon will cost you $11 per month for a smart-phone and for a tablet of basic phone at $9 per month, but you can also pay just $33 per month in order to insure multiple devices. Verizon indicated that you will be able to get repair your damaged screen in the same day. It would provide you live in “select markets” and have “certain devices”.

The company also confirmed that a technician can meet you at your office, home, school or anywhere while you are traveling. Verizon shouldn’t be considered the only one with this type of plan. AT&T has offered 3 plans of $35, $12, and $9 per month and most of them has a plan of same-day repair of damaged screen, including deductable $90. The Care Plus of Apple offers you an iPhone screen repair at $30, but it would be $170 if you don’t have the extende warranty plan of Apple. The Total Equipment Protection plan of Sprint has 5 tiers with variable rates for damaged screen repairs starting from $9 per month, including $50 for Tier One customers and $100 for Tier2 customers.

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