First Windows 10 S Laptop is Travel-Mate Spin B1 from Acer

dimsThe newest Surface laptop of Microsoft and attractive new Windows 10 S Operating System weren’t just announcements in the Education event of the company held on Tuesday in New York. Acer also released its advanced student-centric laptop and named it “Travel-Mate Spin B1”. It is a strong-featured alterable notebook especially developed for the school life students. It has 11.6 inch HD Touch-screen display and it is pressure resistant to prevent damage from emotional stylus taps. The case is well-protected by shock-absorbing rubber bumpers and a perfect keyboard has the ability to resist up to 11 ounces of water. In order to divert liquids from internal components before they harm or damage components of the system, the keyboard has a built-channel system. This latest Surface laptop also outfitted with a 360 degree hinge.

It enables the keyboard to lay flat against the back of the monitor, and then it enables the system to be used as a traditional laptop or tablet. The B1 Surface laptop offers 64GB of storage, an Intel Celeron processor, a graphics card, dual-band 2x2MIMO 802.11ac connection and 4GB of RAM. It has the ability to run for more than 13 hours with a single charge. The B1 also has one HDMI, a single USB 3.0 port, an additional USB 2.0, Bluetooth 4.0. Students will be able to have access to Office software suite of Microsoft including MS Ink while running on the new Windows 10 S Operating System. Point to be noted that Acer has been developing Travel-Mate laptops since 1997 when the company traditionally marketed them for business professionals due to it is lightweight.

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