First Ruler SSD of Intel has 32TB

Intel's first ruler SSD holds 32TBIntel has launched an outlandish device with a 12-inch housing and a significant amount of storage, its first Ruler SSD. The company made the new form factor last year with optimal thermal efficiency in order to mug up more possible storage into a “1U” server form factor. Intel’s DC P4500 has been considered the first drive with this specific design. It has 32TB into one-twentieth space as compared to the space of a regular hard drive with consuming 10th the power. Intel pointed out that 32 of the SSDs can be lined up side by side to store a petabyte in a single server slot. The unique shape of the device requires just half the airflow of regular SSDs at the same time to keep it cool.

Intel further added that it is one of the reasons that some biggest data companies in the world, such a Microsoft, IBM, and Tencent are using the new Ruler SSD to support their cloud and data center operations. Point to be noted that SSDs are growing more speedily as compared to most other types of tech, both for cloud providers and consumers. Prices are currently stuck, but Samsung is the only one launched a 4TB SSD. It uses one terabit chips and promised that it would indicate a massive move to terabyte SSDs for consumers. But, people will have to wait for a while in getting a 32TB SSD.

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