Features that Would Make Smart Watches A Must Buy

Epic Apple WatchMost of the Smart-Watches have a number of interesting features, but we will say “steady” not impressive in the sales point of view. Normally, the general users are thinking that why we need it for our daily usage. Yes, it is only a small phone which you put on your wrist. Almost four years ago, everyone said less or more about tablets, but now tablets are getting popularity.

What is going to push smart-watches over the oblique and for a greater success? Right now, here are many software and hardware developers working on it and it would be available in the Moto 360, Apple Watch, LG G Watch R, Asus Zen-Watch and many more.

Control Your House And Everything Else:

Although you are able to control your home appliances with Android Wear piece of Pebble. You have a smart thermostat using the right apps. You can also start your specific cars as well. The smart home appliances have some great imaginations, but some of the customers are not really binging. Some home-based tech brands needs to provide smart-watches with their right apps. It would not be interesting if you don’t heat oven, shifting the lights ON and OFF, adjust your heating elements and to monitor your security cameras.

All the related moment at this end is “Works with Nest”, this specific system is invented by the Google’s Nest which enables most of the devices to be controlled by its own specific commands. It creates a standard which creates other smart gadgets to sign up and to do the job.

In 2015, Samsung balls going out with lot of connectivity and Sony is also using Android. We are much confident for it that most of the next year’s TVs would be controlled with your Android Wear watch, because we have Nest apps on iOS and Apple’s has their own Home-Kit with them.

Improve Your Health, Save Your Life:

Generally, there would be some doubts that wearables and smart-watches would become as gigantic consumer devices. Whereas, if legislature and medical practice allows it could be substantial in the health area. Most of the initial applications would be life-changing such as, monitoring glucose level in diabetic patients.

By that time Google has launched its smart-contact-lens which instantly examines the level of glucose in a patient. Samsung has announced that we are considering for non-aggressive ways to go for the consistent versions in the future with its Gear Watch line. The Gear S still has the capability to monitor your heart rate, UV levels and air pressure.

A diabetes-monitoring watch has been considered as the earliest innovation in smart-watches. In the year 2002, the Cygnus Gluco-watch launched which enables the users to monitor their glucose level from the skin after every 10 minutes. Although it didn’t provide accurate result as we compare to the finger-pick test.

Another app from DexCom has lined up for the Apple Watch, it gets information by little sensors from the DexCom, and it basically sit underneath the skin. Smart-watch manufacturers and app developers are providing a best way to monitor your health in most of the directions. If you go behind the low-level of recent fitness monitoring devices, then you are doing nothing.

Wrist-Mounted Projectors:

Some brands are working hard in this area. Ritot has been considered as the first projection watch. Pre-release images recommend the Apple Watch having a ‘torch’; it is measured as a big step. You will see date in the demo photos, that means it only include projecting the time but there is a plan to include fitness tracking. Basically, the Ritot is a people funded project, but this project could not achieve its target.

Pay For Everything:

When NFC started jump into phones in 2010 with Android app mobiles such a Gear S, we considered it as the future, but actually we are in the future now. This is going to be change after the invention of Apple Pay and Apple Watch, which enables you to typically use an iPhone or Apple Watch as the touching base part of your debit/credit card. Apple Pay is already being used in the United States and now it is getting popularity in the UK.

Travel Without A Travel Card:

Another greater chance for NFC enabled smart-watches has already been placed on phones. The EE Cash app currently enables you to pay for train and tube travel in London. There is already an infrastructure right at the stations in the Oyster with old Contactless bank cards. These Contactless cards are using the same concept as we want to see in smart-watches but with some latest technology.

Colour Screens Without Daily Charging:

One of the major issues for many potential users having smart-watches, is that normally it needs daily charging because it consumes much energy in its application and for high resolution display screen. You should charge daily for continuous usage. New smart-watch screen technology assures 1,000 times more effective than current LCDs colors. Although it has only eight colors display rather than millions.

Let Your Loved Ones Know You’re Thinking Of Them:

One important feature of Apple’s watch is that you can send some little vibratory signals among watches to let your loved ones know that you always remember him. You will have much more fun and a better source to deliver your messages to your dearest ones. It would enable you to send doodles among the other smart-watch owners. This feature is built-in from day one. Currently, Android Wear doesn’t offer this type of level for fun, but you can found almost similar idea type among smart-watches. These smart-watches getting popularity in most of the developing countries, although these watches have created their market place in most of the developed countries. Most of the Tech experts predicted that these smart-watches would become as a much necessary part in our daily life because of its wonderful and latest features. Most of the smart-watch manufacturers are looking to add more advanced and useful features in their next versions.

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