A Feature of iOS 11 to Enable you to Quickly Keep Cops Out

iOS 11 featureThe Touch-ID has always been considered a legal area when it comes to cops and border patrol asking you to turn off your phone. Now, the latest update in IOS 11 hasn’t yet experienced a problem. This new update is being referred to in some circles as a Cop Button due to it allows the iPhone owner to set up a provision in the update allowing you to choose whether to keep TouchID on or not. It allows travelers and people who tend to get harassed by police more often, or just anyone concerned with privacy and security. It allows setting their phone up using a long and complex password for locking out cops and anyone who doesn’t know the passphrase. Currently, police have the capability to use your fingerprint to unlock the phone by force.

But, they can’t force you to use your password something that has been proven by law to be protected. A Twitter user pointed out that in order to unlock the phone you press the power button rapidly 5 times and it will open a second screen, while also forcing anyone with the phone to use the longer passphrase to unlock it. This process might be useful in an emergency situation in order to unlock your phone and call 911. It was also said that the option to call for help will pop up after you push the power button 5 times. This process might not be an easy option for those wishing to use it for privacy reasons. You will be exhausted constantly for unlocking your phone.

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