Face Recognition Glasses being used by Chinese Police to Scan Travelers

Face Recognition Glasses being used by Chinese Police to Scan TravelersThe Chinese Police is now being using special glasses and equipped with face recognition devices. The police officials will use them to scan train and plane passengers. It will track individuals trying to hide from law enforcement agencies by using fake IDs during traveling. People’s Daily reported that Chinese police captured at least 7 people involved in cases of major crimes. More than 26 people were also arrested who were using fake IDs during traveling. The Wall Street Journal also reported that LLVision Technology Co. (Beijing-based Company) has developed devices for police department and other law enforcement agencies. The company is also manufacturing wearable video cameras and planning to sell these devices to anyone. The company has focused in looking over buyers for its face recognition devices.

But, the company is currently not selling them to general customers. LLVision has indicated that the system was efficiently tested. It has the ability in picking individuals from a massive database of more than 10 thousand people and it can perform the task in just 100 milliseconds. The CEO of the company, Wu Fei informed the Wall Street Journal that 100% accuracy might not be produced due to the presence of environmental noise. The major difference between these advanced devices and traditional face recognition devices is the database being used to analyze and compare images. It is now available in each hand-held device, instead of the cloud. Experts believe that there are a number of privacy concerns about this technology.

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