Eyefi – New Wireless SD Card With Camera

SD CardIt is always fascinating when Eyefi brings up something: it is an attractive idea to be able to transfer all your photographs through your internet off the camera with the use of the computer. The wireless SD cards is dependent on the fact that things look flawless, there are a lot of things that include the SD cards however it is possible that this manual plugging is possible over the computer, how ever it would be of no use if you do it on regular bases. The company is bringing forward the Mobi Pro ($100). This device allows the users to upload all kinds of photographs from your camera and onto your Smartphone or your computer. It is also possible for you to send in RAW data, wireless items and easy to manage Eyefi cards and other management of things that include MobiPro Transfer which is useful in the management of things that are significantly faster.

The company also has Mobi Cloud Photo Service which helps in the management of the Mobi Cards that allow things to upload with the Eyefi. The offering of the cloud is based on an unlimited storage of $ 50 per annum, along with a bonus offer of a free one year service with the purchase of Mobi Pro. It is a good system of management along with services that happen with Flicker and Google along with the Eyefi ecosystem. With the help and management of Mobi Cloud you will be able to handle things out in a better and yet nice way to check out the categorical handling of different things.

My personal experience shared the handling of the Sony Alpha 6000 with the iPhone 6 and the MacBook Air. It is the excellence of the photographer who helps in the management of shooting the photographs along with the management of the harmonization and the brining together of the whole idea. It is a good idea for the Apples new Macbook, this is also a great thing for the handling of placing it in the SD card slot along with USB-C port. Along with the handling of everything, it also includes the idea of handling the phone and the PC to manage things out in a better way with the different products of the Eyefi. The Macs software needs to be upgraded. It is slower and does not work as well as other things do on the wireless management of the SD cards.

The Mobi Pro is available at a decently low cost and there is no need to worry if you already have a few of its features, it is important that you take a look at the demonstration done by the CEO Marr DiMaria shows the new things regarding the features.

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