Experience World’s Biggest Sharp 8K TV at IFA in Berlin

Experience World’s Biggest Sharp 8K TV at IFA in BerlinIf your 55-inch 4K TV is offering a too small look, Sharp needs you to know something to the experience of 120-inches in the near future. Today, the company has announced its plans to present the world’s largest 8K TV at the upcoming IFA tradeshow in Berlin, Germany. The tradeshow is scheduled to start on 6 September 2019. The new 8K TV will feature a 120-inch LCD panel, but Sharp didn’t provide too many details regarding its new display. There is one interesting thing that it will feature 5G connectivity. It is due to every new device must include 5G in 2019.

Sharp has indicated the combination of 8K and 5G support makes its new TV the ideal tool for displaying works of art. The company envisions a scenario in which art historians will use the device to carry out restorations remotely. There is a question that how cash-strapped art institutions will afford the world’s biggest 8K TV, you will find something Sharp answers.

More tech experts believe there’s a long tradition of TV manufacturers using trade shows to hawk pie in the sky TV concepts. So, CES is most famous to present the most advanced tech items. For instance, LG brought a prototype roll-able OLED TV to Las Vegas in 2018. Just one year later, the company said it is planning to release the TV before the end of 2019. There’s the possibility Sharp’s new TV could eventually make its way to consumers. People should be prepared to pay a hefty price for it. One of the latest 8K TV of the company costs about 9,000 U.S dollars in Japan.

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