Experience the New Fusion Solar Oven from GoSun

Experience the New Solar Oven from GoSunGoSun has presented a new solar cooker at CES. The major objective of Fusion oven from GoSun is to provide the solar cooking technology and a solar-electric heating system after sundown, cloudy or even heavy rain conditions. GoSun has funded most of its projects on Kickstarter. Other GoSun models already available including the GoSun GO, GoSun Sport, and GoSun Grill.

The Fusion cooker of GoSun can be recharged with solar power bank and solar panel of GoSun. It works with accessories, such a Bluetooth thermometer to inform you know when your food is fully cooked. The tech behind solar cooking works with vacuum tube technology without the use of propane or charcoal. Sunlight is focused onto the vacuum tube by parabolic reflectors. It converts about 80% of the sun’s rays into heat and builds up to 550 degrees, while efficiently keeping the exterior of the cooker cool.

The vacuum tube also works as an insulator keeping the food hot. The Fusion also uses a thermal heating element in the base of the cooking tray. The heating element is encased in a stainless steel cover and needs a 12V battery to perform efficient cooking a full meal. The Fusion will be available at the price of $499, but you can get upgrades and accessories separately. GoSun is also working on a solar table and solar-powered cooler. Other cookers of GoSun are now available with the Price range from $139 to $699. The GoSun team aims the Fusion to come to market in April 2019.

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