Experience 4G Connectivity on Old Phones by Chips of Qualcomm

Experience 4G Connectivity on Old Phones by Chips of QualcommQualcomm has recently introduced its chips as “Mobile Platforms” rather than “Processors”. It was due to separate its processor lineups. The Company has just announced the 205 processor and named it “Mobile Platform”. These chips have been considered its first low-end 200 series with LTE, but no Snapdragon branding. The major objective of the Company was to bring services, such as banking, VoLTE (Voice over LTE) and music & video streaming. It would allow phone users in Latin America, India and some other regions in order to get High-speed data services. The announced specs of these chips include Adreno GPUs, 1.1GHz CPUs, 3-Megapixel front & rear cameras and maximum display support at 480p. it also has Category 4 LTE modems and provides up to 150/50 Mbps download/upload speeds together with Voice over LTE & Voice over WiFi support.

Point to be noted that various devices such as flip-phones will be able to get talk time of 20 hours, 86 hours of music playback and an amazing standby time of 45 days by using this chip. It is important that Qualcomm 205 Mobile Platform would allow users to bring 4G connectivity & services with affordable prices. It would provide a handsome support to consumers and micro-enterprises in the development of nations. So, users will be able to easily process their financial transactions and various other important tasks. It would also provide help to developing countries such as India that are looking to decrease cash carry burden. These devices have the ability to work for days without recharging and it would be much better for those places where the electricity power is unreliable.

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