Especially Designed Hybrid Chrome-Books of Lenovo for Education

Especially Designed Hybrid Chrome-Books of Lenovo for EducationA series of new laptops including 3 new Chrome-books have been launched by Lenovo, especially designed from classrooms. These new machines have been designed tough enough to manage rough usage of students. The new devices have rubber bumpers; more advanced hinges and mechanically attached keyboards. Google is currently looking for their drop tests. The company will add support for Classroom of Google, including G Suite for Education. The Lenovo 500e is a transformable Chrome-book and it includes a pressure sensitive pen attached with its built-in-components. This transformable device has an Intel Celeron processor, 64GB storage, 8GB RAM, and 11.6-inch HD Touch-screen display. The Lenovo 300e is available as Chrome-book and as a Windows 10 device, and also as a laptop-tablet hybrid.

It is important the Lenovo 300e for Windows has a pen support, but it doesn’t come with its own pen-like device the Lenovo 500e. It has at least 8-hours battery life and its Windows version is managed by Intel Apollo Lake. A Media-Tek MTK 8173C processor is managing its Chrome-book version and it has the ability run for at least 10-hours. There is a most fundamental model among the 3 Chrome-books: Lenovo 500e Chrome-book will be available in the markets during current month at an expected price of $349 or more. The Lenovo 300e Chrome-book is expected to be arrived in February 2018 at an expected price of $279. The Lenovo 100e will also be available as a Windows machine. It has an Intel Celeron processor with 11.6-inch display and it is expected to be arrived in the month of March 2018 at an expected price of $219.

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