Drone Flights with Camera has Banned in Sweden

Drone in Sweden BansIf you have a drone and need to bring it with you on your trip to Sweden then you will experience a legal trouble because the Supreme Administrative Court of Sweden has imposed a ban on drone flights with camera. The court ruled out that drones having cameras have been considered surveillance cameras, but they need special permission in order to use in avoiding accidents or crimes. If you need to fly drone over your home, to keep watching your home then you will not be able to avail such experience in Sweden. The local drone owners are really upset due to recent imposed ban on drones with cameras in Sweden. The industry group UAS Sweden indicated that the decision of court will kill drone markets in Sweden.

The group also pointed out that the recent ruling of the court doesn’t make sense in the framework of existing laws. They also indicated that Swedes are legally authorized to capture pictures of public places, so what is wrong with it? It is just because drones have camera attached for capturing images. There is not any kind of journalistic exceptions; it is odd in the presence of other laws. One encouragement is that the recent ruling of court has been considered too hard to be implemented by force. The administrative boards of county have the responsibility for reporting any kind of violation to police, but it would be more difficult in imposing charges in the case of unavailability of evidence from the in flight drone camera.

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