The Dedicated VR Headset is Under Progress by Samsung

VR HeadsetThe Tech backbone of Samsung didn’t just focus on the virtual reality of mobile phones but they have also confirmed that they are much dedicated to the advancement of VR gear. It doesn’t need slotting in one of its current mobile phones. The software development department head Jong Rhee said that it is not only for specific area, but it has included about its working and for its shipping. The important thing to know is about its attachment to a PC such as Oculus Rift or HTC Vive and regarding its independency.

It would be very reasonable to say that it would change the relationship with Oculus and it would also support in making the Gear VR line. It would not essentially compete with the Rift because it hinges on both the partnership of Oculus and the hardware nature. It would also overlap in a much better way as compared to Gear VR. It would be similar to the rattle HTC, and Sony and most of the other major companies are also building the first generation advanced VR headsets.

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