Cosinuss has developed Ear-Worn Thermometer DEGREE

DegreeMost people have been experiencing a significant amount of tension when their little kids are ill. They often need to monitor their temperature time to time in order to keep watching health condition of their children. Now, the fitness monitoring company Cosinuss has designed an ear-worn thermometer. The company named it “Degree” and it is much similar to a hearing aid instead of a thermometer. It uses the same inner-ear IR sensor as a medical instrument. The Bluetooth radio and battery of the system is efficiently sitting behind the ear. The data will be transmitted continuously of your kid’s vital signs to a connected smart-phone. So, if you are experiencing that your little kid has started getting sick, you just need to pop this in their ear in order to make their lives safer and easier.

Your smart-phone will initiate an alert after finding sickness in your child. It would enable you to consult your doctor. The system also has the ability to prevent frightening you and enable you to monitor fever condition. The app also offers various important and useful tips about care for your little kid during fever in making their time more comfortable and easier. The founder and CEO of the company, Greta Kreuzer designed this device when her daughter experienced the febrile seizure. These types of seizures can happen when the body temperature of a child approaches to high levels without any critical condition. She needed to develop an efficient device to prevent such an issue in the future.

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