Cognitive Toolkit for Learning of Microsoft is Now Available for the Public Use

Cognitive Toolkit for Learning of Microsoft is Now Available for the Public UseThe engineers of Microsoft use the internal and deep learning tools in order to build its human-like speech recognition engine. Some consumer products such as “Skype Translator” and “Cortana” will be available for the use of ordinary public. It was announced by Redmond that these tools have been considered as open-sourcing the “Cognitive Toolkit”. This Toolkit has a number of key developments coming out of its specific and dedicated division of Artificial Intelligence. Moreover, it would enable anyone to train their own artificial intelligence. It would be more interesting and learning experience for the people interested to train their own specific Artificial Intelligence.

The Cognitive Toolkit was formerly known as the CNTK. Microsoft indicated that the beta version of its Cognitive Toolkit will be much faster than its previous versions and it would beat its competitors of deep learning toolkits, specifically when grinding large datasets across multiple machines. Microsoft further added that this platform is more flexible in order to run on a solo laptop and it would be more practical level for startups and compilers, in the case if you don’t have a loaded server farm with NVIDIA GPUs at your disposal. The public release of Microsoft would allow developers in bringing their own C++ code or Python to the party of deep learning. You can find Cognitive Toolkit and it is now available on GitHub, but Microsoft has also put together an expansive set of complete documentation including tutorials & example models within its own Cognitive Toolkit site.

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