Chinese Smart-phone “King” can charge 10,000mAh Battery in Just 3 Hours

Chinese Smart-phone “King” can charge 10,000mAh Battery in Just 3 HoursA new Android phone will be released by Chinese phone manufacturer Oukitel in the month of June 2017. The Verge and Android Headlines have indicated that its slogan would supposedly be the “King”. It will be very hard to recognize new Android phone as the “King” after finding its specs except one attractive feature. It has a battery of 10,000mAh and it takes just 3 hours to charge. The King is much similar to the smart-phone K 10,000 of Oukitel and it was launched a couple of years ago at 240 U.S dollars. The new one is officially called the K 10,000 Pro. One of the major problems with currently available smart-phone is that manufacturers want to equip their smart-phone with maximum features without providing a handsome amount of battery life for essential needs.

So, currently announced battery of smart-phone of 10,000mAh is more powerful. Pixel XL of Google has a 3,450mAh battery, Galaxy S8 Plus of Samsung has 3,500mAh battery and ZenFone Max of Asus has a 5,000mAh battery. The major drawback of K 10,000 was its weight, but this new smart-phone is 292.5 grams. It is still heavier as compared to the iPhone 7 Plus with 188 grams in weight and its battery timing for 10 to 15 days. The new smart-phone “King” will supposedly has a 5.5 inch 1080p Gorilla Glass display, 32GB of storage, 3GB of RAM and a MediaTek Octa-core 1.5 GHz processor. But, the actual performance will show the original benefits after its final launch.

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