Canon will present new Canon EOS R5 Mirroeless Camera this Summer

Canon will present new Canon EOS R5 Mirroeless CameraCanon is doing well in presenting a perfect range of full-frame mirrorless cameras for professional photographers. Canon Rumors have indicated the next full-frame mirrorless camera from the manufacturer. The company is to be called the Canon EOS R5. Some specs have also been announced with Canon Rumors rating and it includes the news that the EOS R5 will apparently feature a 45MP CMOS sensor and come with in-body image stabilization IBIS. The IBIS is rated for 5 stops of stability, but Canon Rumors adds that the number will jump to 7 or 8 stops of correction when used with a stabilized lens. Point to be noted that Canon has historically stayed away from adding image stabilization to its cameras.

Upcoming Canon EOS R5 mirrorless camera The R5 will be able to achieve burst speeds of up to 20fps using its electronic shutter amid in the footsteps of the EOS 1D X Mark III. It will drop to 12fps when shooting with its mechanical shutter, which is a tad slower than the next-gen sports DSLR’s 16fps speed but plenty for wildlife and sports photography. Canon Rumors also mentioned its video specs that the EOS R5 will be capable of recording 8K raw footage at 30fps. The upcoming shooter will need to be a major powerhouse to process those files and keep the heat it will likely produce at bay. It is noteworthy that the Panasonic Lumix S1H has some cooling vents, but it doesn’t shoot beyond 5.5K resolution.

People should have to wait and see whether the 8K video talk is true or not. Canon Rumors also said the EOS R5 will be able to shoot 4K footage at up to 120fps. It will feature built-in 5GHz Wi-Fi and will use a new battery with a similar shape and compatibility as the EOS 5D Mark IV. It clearly indicates the batteries are interchangeable, but you will be able to find out more soon as the camera is expected to be launched next month at the CP+ photography trade show. Moreover, shipping is expected to start in July 2020.

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