Canon is ready to launch EOS R5 Full-frame Mirrorless Camera

Canon is ready to launch EOS R5 Full-frame Mirrorless CameraCanon EOS R5 full-frame powerhouse hasn’t been fully launched yet. But, the company has thrilled us by announcing some remarkable specs and features. Some experts have pointed it a game-changing camera for both filmmakers and stills shooters. A full launch is expected to take place around the end of May or early June 2020. The company has now confirmed the video powers of EOS R5 and will be an 8K mirrorless camera with very few compromises. It will offer in-body image stabilization and treats like shooting 8K video at 29.97fps using the full width of its sensor. The EOS R5 will have next-gen autofocus, including the Animal AF in order to detect and track birds, dogs, and cats.

The new EOS R5 from Canon provides burst shooting power and puts down its famed cripple hammer and powerfully loading a mirrorless camera. The development was announced in October 2019 with the shipping of the camera from February 2020. It would be supposedly competing with Nikon Z7 (45.7MP) or even the Sony Alpha A7R IV (61MP). The working of Canon EOS R5 hasn’t yet experienced, but might be based on the original EOS R with some changes. It has a pretty deep and useful grip to manage with longer lenses such as the incoming Canon RF 100-500mm. So, the EOS R5 is very much a mirrorless version of Canon’s 5-series DSLRs. It will feature the latest Bluetooth 5.1 standard for wireless connectivity.

The company has kept the sensor resolution of EOS R5 secret, but rumors have predicted it as 45MP. It is noteworthy that Canon is now using a newly designed CMOS sensor in the new shooter. The camera has the ability to capture 8K video with a sensor supporting 7680 x 5120 pixels. The new EOS R5 is expected to use a new Digic X processor, recently provided in the pro sports DSLR. Canon made some new announcements at the Virtual Press Conference during the recent month that EOS R5 has the ability to shoot 4K at 120 f/sec. The company also announced that Dual Pixel AF will be available in all video modes, at all resolutions and frame rates. It will support 5 GHz WI-Fi for faster transfer speeds.

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