Canon has announced advanced EOS-1D X Mark III professional DSLR

Canon has announced advanced EOS-1D X Mark III professional DSLRCanon has announced the development of its EOS-1D X Mark III (next flagship professional DSLR). It will have technologically the most advanced camera. The shooting speeds of up to 16fps with autofocus through the optical viewfinder (mechanical shutter) and 20fps in live view mode (mechanical or electronic shutter) presents its perfection. The autofocus will be more accurate than ever with a new AF sensor and 28 times the resolution in the center of the frame when you use the optical viewfinder. You’ll have 525 phase-detect AF pixels powered by Canon’s Dual Pixel system in live view mode.

The autofocus will also be more stable and track subjects better thanks to new algorithms and AI technology. People will be able to shoot at those speeds for quite a while. The 1D X Mark III will use CF express cards with speeds up to 1,600 MB/s and a buffer 5 times the size of the 1D X Mark II. This model will enable you to shoot up to 170 RAW photos without stopping. So, 1D X Mark III owners might be able to shoot 16fps or 20fps bursts for well over 30 seconds at a time. This type of shooting burns through batteries quickly. But, Canon has indicated the 1D X III will get a better life out of the same LP-E19 battery used before.

People will get a new type of format called 10-bit HEIF (high-efficiency image file) along with JPEG and RAW files, with more dynamic range and a wider color palette than JPEG. This option is more compact than RAW but easier to edit JPEG. If we talk about connectivity, it will come with WiFi, Bluetooth LE, GPS, a built-in Ethernet connection, and an optional wireless transmitter. Canon also announced that the 1D X Mark III will be the most video-capable EOS camera it has ever presented with 10-bit 4:2:2 footage at up to 4K 60p with internal Canon Log recording.

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