You can now Manage your Entire Medical History on Apple’s iPhone

You can now manage your Entire Medical History on Apple’s iPhoneCNBC indicated that Apple is currently working on a major project in order to make your entire medical history more reachable. The tech giant supposedly needs to turn your iPhone into a storage area for every lab test results, diagnosis and prescription, comment of doctor and health information. So, you don’t need to go through a bundle of emails in finding your test results forwarded as PDF attachment or getting your data sent by your previous doctor over to your new one. You just need to share any kind of your medical history in order to look fire up your iPhone. CNBC further indicated that Cupertino is attempting to simulate it as previously did for music. It needs to create a kind of iTunes for health to serve as a centralized management system for your entire medical information.

Apple is supposedly in talks with various health groups in IT industry and hospitals to work out in more efficient way in making its vision into a reality. The Argonaut Project is (one of those groups) taking initiative to promote the widespread implementation of open standards for health information. The Carin Alliance is also one of the organizations need to provide much better control to patients for their own medical data info. It is still not clear that how much of the project has been completed yet. But, it sounds like the tech giant has planned to store your entire medical data on the cloud, as the company already started talks for cloud storage startups.

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