Camera of Nokia 1020 can turn into Microscope to find DNA Sequence

DNA-sequencer-attachmentThe Nokia 1020 has an amazing & memorable feature as it had provided a 41-megapixel camera in the phone. The same team of researchers is currently testing their phone-based DNA sequence program and molecular analyzer. The researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles, the Uppsala University and the Stockholm University, Sweden have developed a 3-D printed phone attachment estimated at 500 U.S dollars. This specific device has the ability to convert the camera of phone into a microscope. Most of the developing nations, health workers and remote locations will be able to use this attachment in order to find out genetic mutations that are generating diseases without sending samples to laboratories.

It has been considered cheaper and affordable as compared to the medical professional’s microscopes because it may cost tens of thousands U.S dollars. The testing can be started by placing a tissue sample, such as a tumor’s tissue in a small container. The optical attachment and the camera of phone will capture fluorescence of multi-color and shiny-field images of the sample. Then, they feed images & data to an algorithm in order to analyze the DNA sequences in finding mutations in the tissue. The researchers have indicated that their new development has enough attraction in detecting a short-amount of cancer cells & other mutations in a comparatively larger group of normal cells. The researchers also said that the camera of 1020 has an efficient magnification factor with 2.6x, but the developed attachment can be used with some newer phones.

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