BlackBerry’s Coming Android Phone’s Photos Leaked

BlackberryThe BlackBerry hasn’t yet introduced any major changing despite just having a silver with its name into market share. But, the company is continuously thinking that Android would be a much better way to solve their problems in disablement of latest and modern day apps. The company has recently introduced, the BlackBerry Venice that is an Android-powered phone having a QWERTY keyboard, this is one of the smart-phones heard by a number of rumors time to time. There is not any kind of specific confirmation by BlackBerry Company, but there are increasing stack of evidence that the specific handset will be on the way. We have found stack of a new batch of photographs leaked by, a Vietnamese website. This website published front and back side image of a new version of BlackBerry.

We are looking specs-wise for 1.8GHz Hexa-core 808 Snapdragon processor having 3GB RAM, and 5.4 inch QHD screen with best resolution that is seemingly helped by a Micro-SD slot for an extra amount of storage. It would be the last BlackBerry smart-phone if the latest version of Android is not enough to attract customers. The CEO of BlackBerry said on this weekend that if BlackBerry wouldn’t be able to make money by mobile phones then BlackBerry will be washed out from the smart-phone business. We have a specific time in order to meet the customer’s need in some bigger markets. There are a number of cross-platforms and we should have some partners to stay in the international markets.

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